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Q) Who are you?
A) I am a Muslim

Q) Who do you call a Muslim?
A) Those who believe in one Allah and believes that Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam is the messenger of Allah and believes that the Holy Quran is the book of Allah

Q) What is the name of your religion?
A) Islam

Q) What is the message of Islam (Kalima)?
A) La ilaha illallaho Muhammadur Rasoolallah' This is Called the first Kalima (Kalima Tayyab)

Q) What is the meaning of this Kalima?
A) There is no-one worthy of worship except Allah, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam is the messenger of Allah

Q) Who is Allah?
A) Allah created humans, the sun, moon and every single creation.

Q) What do you call someone who does not believe in Allah?
A) Whoever does not believe in Allah is an infidel (Kafir)

Q) What do you call someone who associates someone equal to or partner with Allah?
A) We call them Mushrik and Kafir (polytheist) and infidel)

Q) What is wrong in being a Kafir or Mushrik?
A) Allah will always be unhappy with a Kafir or Mushrik and after death they will remain in the fire or hell forever.

Q) Will Kafirs or Mushriks never go to paradise?
A) No, never, they will remain in hell for eternity.

Q) Who is Muhammad Sallallhu Alaihe Wasallam?
A) He is the messenger and Prophet of Allah Ta'ala. He is the highest ranking Prophet of all prophets. He is the greatest Prophet. We are all his followers, we are from his Ummat and he is our Prophet

Q) When was our Prophet born?
A) He was born on the 12 th of Rabbi-ul-Awwal (approx.20 th April 571 ad.)

Q) What is the name of the Holy Prophet's father?
A) It is Hazrat Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him)

Q) What is the name of our Holy Prophet's mother?
A) It is Hazrat Amina (may Allah be pleased with her)

Q) What is the names of our Holy Prophet 's grandparents?
A) Our Holy Prophet's grandfather's name was Abdul Muttallib and his grandmother's name (Maternal) was Wahub.

Q) How many years did our Holy Prophet stay alive?
A) After our Holy Prophet passes away, by the power of Allah he is still alive in his holy shrine. His presence in the world was 63 and 10 years In Madinah.

Q) On what date did our Holy Prophet pass away?
A) Our Holy Prophet Passed away from in front of the human eyes on the 12 th of Rabbi-ul Awwal (Approx. June 12 th 632ad...)

Q) Where is our Holy Prophet's Holy Shrine?
A) It is in Madina Sharif , Which is approximately 300 km away from Makkah Sharif.

Q) How is it known that Muhammad Sallallhu Alaihe Wasallam is the Prophet of Allah Ta'ala?
A) It is proven by the fact that, our Holy Prophet called people towards Islam, he performed many miracles and he gave such knowledge of the unseen (llm-e-ghaib) which can only be given by none other than a Prophet of Allah.

Q) What do you call a person who does not believe in Muhammad Sallallhu Alaihe Wasallam as a Prophet?
A) he/she is a Kafir (Infidel)

Q) What if someone believes in Allah Ta'ala but does not believe in the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallhu Alaihe Wasallam?
A) The person is also a Kafir.

Q) What is the reason for believing in the Holy Prophet?
A) The reason for believing in him is that he is a true Prophet sent by Allah Ta'ala believe in this, believe in every word of our Holy Prophet, love him and never disrespect or speak or think badly about him.

Q) What is the Holy Quran?
A) The Holy Quran is the book of Allah.

Q) How do we know that the Holy Quran is Allah's book?
A) There has never been a book that someone could create which was anything like the Holy Quran this then proves that the Holy Quran is the book of Allah. If the Holy Quran had been written and created by someone other than Allah then it would have been easy to create something similar, which of course has not been possible.

Q) Who was the Holy Quran revealed to?
A) It was revealed to our Holy Prophet, MUHAMMAD Sallallaho Alaihe 'Wasallam.

Q) Was the Holy Quran Revealed all at once, or in parts?
A) It was revealed bit by bit according to the need of the people.

Q) Over how long a period was the Holy Quran Revealed?
A) It was Revealed over 23 years.

Q) How was the Holy Quran Revealed?
A) Hazrat Jibraeel Alaiyhissallaam revealed, chapter and versed to our Holy Prophet, by the grace of almighty Allah. Our Holy Prophet memorized these passages and repeated them to the people. These people then memorized these passages and wrote then down.

Q) What is preached in the Holy Quran?
A) Everything is in the Holy Quran, i.e. regarding everything in all walks of life and the hereafter.

Q) Why was the Holy Quran Revealed?
A) To show people the right way in life. So people can recognise Allah almighty and his Holy Prophet and so that they can live life in a pure way.

Q) Who is Hazrat Jibraeel Alaiyhissalaam?
A) He is an angel who brought messages (wahi) from Allah Almighty to the Prophets.

Q) What are Angels?
A) They are created from light (Noor), by Almighty Allah; they are neither male or female. They don't eat or drink. They worship Allah constantly. (Non Stop)

Q) Why are human created?
A) They are created to worship Almighty Allah.

Q) How do Muslims worship Allah?
A) They worship Allah in the following ways:
1) They pray Namaz (Salat)
2) They fast during the month of Ramadan.
3) Rich Muslim offer Zakat (charity) Muslim.
4) They perform pilgrimage (hajj)

Q) What is the best from of worshop?
A) Namaz (Salat) is the best form of worship.

Q) What is Namaz (Salat)?
A) Namaz (Salat) is a form of worshiping Allah Almighty which is performed a certain way. A person praying Namaz, stands facing Qibla (Holy Ka'aba) they recite verses from the Holy Quran and bow down before Allah. They praise Allah, and they pray Durood (blessings) for our Holy Prophet.

Q) How many times a day do we pray Namaz?
A) Namaz is prayed five times a day.

Q) What are the names for these five Namaz?
A) Fajr, Zohr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha.

Q) When is the Fajr Namaz preyed?
A) From the break of dawn until the beginning of sunrise

Q) When Zohr Namaz prayed?
A) Zohr Namaz is prayed from after midday until the beginning time of Asr Namaz.

Q) When is Asr Namaz prayed?
A) Asr Namaz is prayed from late-afternoon until sunset.

Q) When is Maghrib Namaz prayed?
A) Maghrib Namaz is prayed from sunset, upto a maximum of One and Quarter hours.

Q) When is Isha Namaz prayed?
A) Isha Namaz is prayed after Maghrib time has lapsed upto the beginning of Fajr time.

Q) What is the process called when one washes their hands, face, feet and pass water over their hair?
A) This process is called WUZU (Ablution)

Q) How is Wuzu performed?
A) Wuzu is performed in the following way:
I) Pray Bismillah then perform Miswak (a five inch wooden stick) by rubbing over your teeth if this is not available then use your index finger.
ii) Wash both hands up to your wrists three times (first right then left)
iii) Then perform a gargle by washing your mouth out three times (using your right hand).
iv) Then pass water into your nose with your left hand little finger in right nostril and left hand thumb in left nostril, this is done three times.
v) Wash your face thoroughly by gathering water in both your palms (form a cup) and start at top of your forehead where hair has the bottom of our chin, this is also done three times.
vi) Wash your right arm up to and including your elbow, and ensure water passes through your fingers and pass your arms and not the other way round. Perform three times and do same to your left arm three times.
vii) Perform masah (wiping) by wetting your fingers on both hands and then using three fingers (small, next and middle) on the both hands rub over your hair from forehead to back of neck. Use your index finger in each hand to clean your ears (right finger to clean right ear and left finger to clean the left ear). Use your thumbs to clean back of your ears. Clean each side of your neck by passing the back of your hand over it. This Masah is only done ONCE.
ix) Wash you feet upto and including the ankles making sure that water passes every gap between your toes. Perform this three times with right and then left.
x) Look up to the sky and pray ASHHADUAN LA'ILA HA ILLALLAHO MUHAMMAD-DUR'RASOOLULLAH and the lnna Anzalna surat .

Q) What is the purpose of Wuzu?
A) The purpose of Wuzu is to ensure that you clean all parts mentioned, and it is important that you get plenty of water over the parts that you are washing.

Q) If a part of your body, that you are washing whilst doing Wuzu gets wet, but water does not drip from that, then does that Wuzu count?
A) No, if this happens Wuzu will not count. As well as wetting certain parts of your body (which have been mentioned) water must drip from those parts.

Q) At the time of Namaz, a man stands and calls people to prayer, what is this called?
A) This called the Azaan.

Q) What is the method of praying the Azaan?
A) Azaan is performed in the following manner after performing ablution (Wuzu). The person praying Azaan stands in a high place facing the Qibla putting both index fingers in the ears (right ear, left index finger in left ear) and praying in a loud and clear voice.

Q) What is the dua prayed after hearing the Azaan?

Q) A short while after Azaan, people pray something else in loud voice, what is this called?
A) This is called Tasweeb and Salat.

Q) What are the words prayed for Tasweeb and Salat?
A) There are no specific words which have been Islamic law. One can pray any words which are appropriate. These days the Durood Sharif is used quite commonly.

Q) Before the Namaz commences, one man stands in the first row and prays something in loud voice. What is this called?
A) The words of Takbeer are exactly the same as the words used in Azaan.
There is only on slight difference and that is after HAAYAA ALAL FALAAH the words QUDQAAMATIS SALAAT are prayed twice in addition.

Q) When listening to the Takbeer should a person be sat down or stood up?
A) Takbeer should be listened to whilst sitting down, but when the person praying HAYYA ALAL FALAAH, then everyone should stand.

Q) What do you call a parson who prays the Azaan?
A) He is called a Mu'azzin.

Q) When everyone prays Namaz together what is this called?
A) When people who pray Namaz together this is called Jamaat.

Q) What do you call the person who leads the Namaz?
A) The person who leads the Namaz is called an Imam.

Q) What is the name given to those who pray behind the Imam?
A) They are called Muqtadee.

Q) What is the name given to the position when you stand up from Rukooh?
A) It is called Quwmah.

Q) Should Bismillah be prayed before Attahiyat?
A) No.

Q) Should the Muktadee pray Ta'awwuz and Tasmeeh when he is praying behind the Imam?
A) The Muktadeeh should only pray Sanah, when he is hehind the Imam and then remain silent. He should not pray Ta'awwuz or Tasmeeh; neither should he pray Surah Fatiha or any other Surat.

Q) Should the Muktadeeh pray 'Sami Allaho liman hamidah' when rising from Rukooh?
A) No, but he should pray Rabbana lakal hamd' after rising from Rukooh.

Q) After Namaz, what do people pray whilst counting on their fingers?
A) They pray, Subhanallah 33 times, Allhamdolillah 33 times and Allaho Akbar 34 times. There is a lot of sawab (reward) for praying this.

67.Who is angels?
Allah, created the engels. The angels are numerous. The angels are neither male nor female. Allah created the angels  from light. We cannot see the angels, yet they watch us. They worship Allah. Glorify Him and accomplish what Allah asks them to do. They carry out their duties assigned to them by Allah.  Gabriel, Israfil, Michael and Azrael are the most famous of the angels.
Duty of Gabriel, bring the message from allah to messengers
Duty of  Israfil  will blow the trumpet by Allah’s command on the last day.
Duty of Michael his main duty is the management of rainfall. He ALSO Provides sustenance to mankind.
Duty of  Azrael takes out man’s soul by Allah’s command.


2)          Howmany things we want Iman (Believe) in islam? 1. Allah (s.w.t.) ,2. in His angels, His books, His messengers, the last day, 6.good and evil from allah destiny and in life after death.
3)          What is the first month of the Islamic Calendar? 
4)          What is the Islamic month?           
 Ans: 1.Muharram 2. Safar 3.Rbeeul awwal 4.Rabeeul aakhir 5. Jamathul awwal 6. Jamathul aakir 7. Rajab abaan 9.Ramazhan 10. Sawwal 11. Thul ka atha 12. Thul hajj.  
5)          Al-Rahman means...…                                      
ans: The Most Merciful
6)     What do we call the Angels who write down what we do?
  ans: Kiraman Katibin
7)          A prophet is called .......... in Arabic.                    ans:  Nabi
8)          Who is nabi?                                                         ans: Messenger of Allah (s.w.t.)
9)          Who is Rasul ?                                                      ans: Messenger of Allah (s.w.t.)
10)       Which one is the opening Surah of the Quran?  ans: Al-Fatihah
11)      What does Islam mean?
ans: Islam means to obey Allah (s.w.t.) and follow His commands
12)      Allah (s.w.t.) has ......…                                 ans: No partner
13)      Who made the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the hills, the rivers, the flowers etc.?
ans:  Allah (s.w.t.)
14)      What do you say when you sneeze?              ans:  Alhamdu lillah
15)      What do you say when you yawn?
Ans: awoodu billahi minasshaithanirrajeem.
16)      What is Salat?                                                                      ans:  Praying
17)      Who was the first prophet of Allah (s.w.t.)?                       ans:  Adam (a.s.)
18)      Who was the last prophet of Allah (s.w.t.)?                        ans: mohammed (s.a.w)
19)      What is the name of the book sent down to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)?
ans: Al-Quran
20)      What is the meaning of "Astaghfirullah"?
ans: I ask Allah for Forgiveness
21)      "Bismilahir rahmanir rahim" means .…
ans: In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
22)      Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha are all ...... salat.        ans: Fard
23)      The house of Allah (s.w.t.) in Makkah is called ..…       ans: Kaaba
24)      Kaaba is also called ...…                                                 ans: Baitullah
25)      People who disobey Allah (s.w.t.) will be terribly punished by sending them to .
ans: Hell
26)      What is the meaning of Shahadah?
ans: Allah is One, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) is His Messenger.
27)      Paradise is a place of ....…                        ans: Happiness and joy
28)      what message of Allah (s.w.t.) sent through His prophets or messengers ?
29)      ans: There is no god but Allah (s.w.t.)
30)      Who was Prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w.) father?               ans: Abdullah (razhi)
31)      Who was Prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w.) Mother?            ans: Aamina   (razhi)
32)      Who was Prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w.) grandfather?      ans:  Abdul Mutallib
33)      Who was Prophet Muhammad's (s.a.w.) step-father?       ans: His uncle abeetalib
34)      One of the pillars of Islam is to share our wealth with the poor.
What is this pillar called?                                                 ans: Zakat
35)      What is the Quran?                                        ans: The word of Allah (s.w.t.)
36)      What was the final form of guidance Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) received from Allah (s.w.t.) ?                                              ans: Al-Quran
37)      What is the language of the Quran?              ans:  Arabic
38)      How long did it take to complete the revelation of the Quran?    ans: 23 years
39)      What is the name of the book sent down to Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.)?
ans: Sahifah
40)      Who was the First Prophet of Allah (s.w.t.)?   ans: aadam (alaihissalam)
41)      Who was the last Prophet of Allah (s.w.t.)?   ans: Muhammad (s.a.w.)
42)      What are Angels made up of ?                                                                              ans: Nur
43)      What are Humens made up of ?                                                                            ans: clay
44)      What are shaithan and jin made up of ?                                                             ans: Fire
45)      What else do we call Allah (s.w.t) other than Him being our Lord?  ans: Master
46)      Our parents are a blessing from ....…                 ans: Allah (s.w.t.)
47)      What did the Prophet (s.a.w.) leave for our guidance?
ans: Quran and sunnah
48)      Who was known as Habeebullha
Ans: Mohammed nabi (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
49)      Who was known as Khalilullah?            ans: Ibrahim (alaihissalam)
50)      Who was known as kalimullah?             ans: moosa (alaihissalam)
51)      Who was known as Ruhullah                 Ans: Easa (alaihissalam)
52)      Where did Adam (a.s.) and Hawwa (a.s.) live in the beginning?
ans: Al-Jannah
53)      Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) was ready to sacrifice his son for Allah's (s.w.t.) command. Who is he?                                              ans: Ismail
54)      Which Prophet was raised up by Allah (swt) and he will return before the end of this world ?                                                    ans: Prophet Isa (pbuh)
55)      When we do a good deed, we should expect ..…
ans: Reward from Allah (s.w.t.)
56)      Which book was revealed to Prophet Isa (a.s.) by Allah (s.w.t.)?          ans: Injil
57)      Which book was revealed to Prophet moosa (a.s.) by Allah (s.w.t.)?    ans: Thorat
58)      Which book was revealed to Prophet Dawood (a.s.) by Allah (s.w.t.)? ans: saboor
59)      Which Prophet of Allah (s.w.t.) could talk even when he was a baby?  ans: Isa (a.s.)
60)      What was the title of Abu Bakr (r.a.)?                                                    ans: As-Siddiq
61)      How old was Khadijah (r.a.) when she married Prophet (s.a.w.)?         ans:40 years
62)      How old was Prophet (s.a.w.)  when he married Khadijah (r.a.)            ans:25years
63)      What is the meaning of Alhamdu-lil-lah?                             ans: All praise be to Allah
64)      What do we call the activities that are forbidden and punishable by law?
ans: Haram
65)      The Prophet said, "_..........._ lies at the feet of your mother."       ans: Paradise
66)      What do we call that Prophet's Sayings and actions and accepted. 
Ans: sunnah and Hadith
67)      What should a Muslim begin his daily life with?
ans: with Salat al Fajr
68)      According to the Prophet (s.a.w.) "A powerful human being is one who 
              controls himself when he is .....…                                                ans:Angry
69)      The Arabic word 'Iman' means:                                      ans:To believe
70)      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is also known as Al-Amin, AS-Sadiq What does it mean?
ans:  The truthful and the trustworthy
71)      What are the only reliable sources available for mankind to learn God's 
            will in its totality?
   ans:The Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
72)      What level of importance is associated with the family relations in Islam?
73)      To achieve a goal or task, after we have worked hard and done our best, whom should we depend on for help: ans:On Allah
74)      True relationship with the Quran helps a human being to .…
ans: Develop a peaceful life
75)      Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.) was known as ....… ans:al-Amin as-Sadiq
76)      How many chapters are there in Quran?               ans:114
77)      How many verses are there in Quran?                  Ans: 6666
78)       What is Mahram?                       ans: one who is forbidden to marry with
79)       There are 4 compilers of Islamic Law. Who is they ? Imam Hanifah and Imam Malik, Imam Shafi'i and imam Hanbali
80)       Al-Rahman means...… ans: The Most Merciful
81)       What is the first duty of a Muslim?                ans: Salat
82)       What do we call the optional prayers?          ans:Nafil
83)       What is the purpose of Salat?                       ans:To remember Allah (s.w.t.)
84)       When is Witr salat offered?                           ans:After Isha
85)       For how many years did Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) preach?     ans:23 years
86)       When was Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) born?  ans:571 C.E.
87)       In the month of Ramadan, there is a night which is better than 1,000 months.
 Ans :Lailatul-Qadr
88)       When is Fajr salat performed?  ans:Dawn until sunrise
89)       The festival that comes during Hajj is .… ans:Idd-ul-Adha
90)       How many fard rakahs do we pray in Salat al subhu?     ans:2
91)       How many fard rakahs do we pray in Salat al luhar?       ans:4
92)       How many fard rakahs do we pray in Salat al Asr?          ans:4
93)       How many fard rakahs do we pray in Salat al makhrib?   ans:3
94)       How many fard rakahs do we pray in Salat al Isha?         ans:4
95)       What is the revelation from Allah (s.w.t.) is called in Arabic? ans:Wahi
96)       Who built the Kaaba first?   ans:Adam (a.s.)
97)       How many years Nuh (a.s.) lived.     ans:950
98)       How many children had to Khadijah (r.a.) ?               ans: , Zainab, Ruqaiyyah, Umm Kulthum , Fatimah, Abdullah and Qasim.
99)       The Prophet (s.a.w.) had said "Among the women of the whole world four are great who are they?   ans:Khadijah, Fatimah, Maryam and Asiyah (r.a.)
100)    What should we spend in the path of Allah (s.w.t.)?    ans:Spend best and pure things
101)    Akhirah is the real life after our death which lasts ..…  ans: Forever

103)    What do we call the activities that are mandatory?    ans:Fard
104)    Why did the Prophet (pbuh) order his companions to move to Madina?
ans:The Quraysh would not let the Muslims practice their religion in Mecca.

106)    Pillars of Islam are also called ...…  ans:Arkanal Islam
107)    Al-Rahman means...… ans: The Most Merciful
108)    What is the meaning of Al-Fil?                           ans: Elephant
109)    What is one unit of prayer called?                     ans:raka aa      
111)    What is the purpose of Salat?                            ans:To remember Allah (s.w.t.)
112)    When is Witr salat offered?                                ans:After Isha
114)    Allah (s.w.t.) says in the Quran "Surely ..... keeps you away from the indecent and
115)    At which mountain did Nuh's (a.s.) ark halted after the flood?    ans:Judi
116)    Who was Khadijah's (r.a.) father?                                               ans:Khuwailid
117)    Who was known as Sayyidatun Nisa?                                         ans:Fatima (r.a.)
118)    Who was Prophet Ibrahim's (a.s.) father?                                    ans:Azar
119)    Prophet Musa (pbuh) prayed to Allah (swt) to make his brother his helper. What was his brother's name?               ans:Harun
120)    What do we call when we do a good deed?                                 ans:Hasanah
121)    Name the mountain where Prophet Musa (a.s.) was given divine guidance by Allah (s.w.t.)? ans:Turseena
122)    What is a woman's status in Islam?  ans:In Islam, women are held in very high esteem
123)    Of what illness did Abu Bakr die?      ans:He died of natural causes in old age
124)    What is the one most important trait that we should look for in a spouse?
ans:Religious devotion
125)    All people are equal in Islam except on the basis of one thing. What is it?
ans:Taqwa (fear of Allah)
126)    Howmany  authentic books of Hadith? Ans:
(1) Muslim; (2) Bukhari; (3) Dawud  (5) Nasa'i. (5)Ibn Majah (6) Tirmidhi
127)    We have the right to __________ and __________ money according to halal means. ans:earn , spend
128)    One of the slaves who were freed by Abu Bakr who is he ? ans:Bilal bin Rabah
129)    When did the Battle of Badr take place?  ans:The second year of Hijra
130)    While the Prophet and Abu Bakr traveled to Madina, wher they hid ? ans:caves
131)    What did the Quraysh tribe plan to do to the Prophet on the day he was ordered by Allah to migrate to Madina?   ans:They planned to kill him
132)    What is "Jihad" ?  ans: To strive and struggle for the cause of Allah
133)    The Islamic law of inheritance prohibits? ans:Unequal distribution among inheritors
134)    While the Prophet was alive, what was Zayd bin Thabit's job?
ans:He wrote down verses of the Quran as they were revealed to the Prophet
135)    If we say that man is Khilafah, we mean that man. 
ans:is the representative of Allah on earth
136)    What does the "Sovereignty of Allah" mean?
ans:It means that Allah is the source of all power and laws
137)    Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for the first time ever was asked by Angel Gabriel to "Read" . What's the name of this Sura?                ans:alaq
138)    What is the definition of "Shariah"?        ans:Clear straight path
139)    What is the basic purpose of Shariah?
ans:To establish Good (Ma'ruf) and remove Evil (Munkar) from the society
140)    Which of the following describes correctly the religious beliefs of the people of Arabia before the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh)?
ans:They worshipped stones, trees, idols, stars and spirits..
141)    Which of the following is the general understanding of the word ‘Sunnah’?
ans:The teachings, sayings and life-example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
142)    The best way to acquire knowledge of Allah, His attributes and His law is:
ans:By studying the Quran and example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
143)    Before God sent Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the last prophet, he kept on sending new ones because.   ans:The teachings of the earlier prophet got changed, corrupted or lost.
144)    A Muslim wants to stay as a guest with someone then he should not expect his hospitality to continue for more than .... days. (WT)             ans: 3
145)    Adab al-Islam, means:   ans:Good manners adopted by Islam
146)    Which of the following statements describe the Quran accurately:
The Quran is the actual word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad through Angel Gabriel.
147)    Khatam-an-Nabiyyin means ....… ans:The last of the chain of the true Prophets
148)    What is the Iman-bil-ghayb ?        ans: Belief in the Unseen
149)    Which of the following statements is correct regarding the manners of reading the Quran.    ans:Frequent reading of the Quran is recommended so that one can fully understand the Quran.
150)    Reading of the Quranic Surah ....... every Friday is recommended.    ans:Al-Kahf
151)    Which one of the following is a principal rule in Islamic manners?
ans:Muslim's actions should express an attitude of humility and not arrogance
152)    In Arabic, the word ‘ilah’ means ..…   ans:One who is worshipped
153)    What did Allah (swt) bless the humankind with?   ans:The power of reasoning
154)    The Arabic word 'kufr' means:    ans:To conceal
155)    Special Zakat, equivalent of two meals should be given to the poor on behalf of each family member, on which Eid?    ans:Eid Al fithr
156)    What is the first requirement of faith?   ans:The spirit of submission
157)    Who was One of the first martyrs of Islam .     ans:Yasir (r.a.)
158)    For which of the following sins Allah (s.w.t.) will not punish?
ans:Causing harm to others because of ignorance
159)    Performance of regular prayers is a form of training to.
ans:Seek pleasure of Allah (s.w.t.)
Jihad means ...…  ans:Striving to be of strong faith

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